The hills are alive...

Okay, that title is probably a little too cheerful.  I decided I needed to push a bit, this morning, although I realized as soon as I got moving that I was a bit sore.  So it might not have been the best of decisions, but I went with it.

I overslept by a few minutes, but tried to keep that from getting in my way.  I even had trouble with finding my phone, which delayed me a couple minutes (problem with getting ready without lights on.  Don't want to wake anyone, after all).

One thing I did do, that worked well.  When I had to take my shoes (and booties) off, I tried a new way I'd heard about in comments on a particular pair of booties.  Instead of getting my shoes on, then putting the booties over the whole thing - which does work, but can easily tear up aero booties - I put the booties on, and pulled them up over my ankles, putting my feet through the cleat holes.  Then I pulled the heel down over the shoe, then pulled the toe over the shoe.

Anyway, I got out on the road a few minutes later than I'd intended, and headed for the hills to do something approaching intervals.  I did ok on the first two hills, but I died pretty soon after that.  Still, I kept pushing through them for forty-ish minutes.  Terrible times, and very sore muscles, but will hopefully make me stronger.

To try to counteract the sore muscles, I kept riding for another half hour or so after I stopped pushing.  We'll see how that works out.

That all ended up with a bit more than 18 miles, almost 1500' of elevation, and an average speed of 14.6mph (16.5 in the 40-odd minutes of pushing).

The one thing that really torqued me was that I wasn't able to see the power meter for the entire ride.  Not sure what was happening, but that's a new battery.  Need to follow up with Stages pronto.

As for tomorrow, it'll be another easy day.  I'll probably try to get up a little early and do 25-ish miles.  The temperature is supposed to be in the high 40s, perhaps warm enough for me to just go with bibs and a short-sleeve shirt (maybe with a sleeveless base-layer underneath).  Today was 45, and I went with summer gloves and a windbreaker, which worked out well.

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