Getting moving

I woke up a little early this morning, to try to knock out a few extra miles.  I got up when the alarm went off, and was about set to get out at my projected time (despite forgetting to put the new battery in the power meter last night) when I noticed that my heart rate meter was showing nothing.  Since I had the batteries close at hand, I turned around to change that one, also.

I quickly realized I didn't have anything to open the meter, but then tried using the battery itself.  That actually worked well enough that I'll probably keep using it for that purpose.

After that, I got out the door a couple minutes late, but got on the road.  Things didn't start off great, as my heart rate was pushing a little higher than I wanted at first.  Not too high, but pushing it closer than I'd prefer.  Then, after a couple minutes, I noticed there was a weird noise that sounded akin to something rubbing the wheel.

I stopped to look, but couldn't find any sign of what it was.  For certain, both brakes were ok, so I got back moving.  After that, things went very smoothly.  I did my normal, 15 mile loop, except added the three miles that I often do in Shirlington.  And since I was still a few minutes early, I also added a mile or two on the end that pushed me onto a bit more in the way of hills.

Factor all of that in, and I did 20.5 miles and 1200' of elevation.  Again, cyclemeter and strava disagreed severely on the time; cyclemeter indicating 91 minutes and strava insisting on 97.  Still, hit all my goals; heart rate maxed at 126, and was only there for two seconds.  Went about as well as last night's Caps game didn't.

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