Cutting it close

I've never been one to shave the "right" way.  I started out using various electric razors; in my experience, they generally do a good job, but require many passes over any given spot.

Eventually, I moved to using a disposable razor, and/or a cartridge one while showering.  That works pretty well, although also requiring several passes.  I also always had trouble with nicking myself the first couple times using a given razor (I would use a razor or cartridge for weeks before replacing them).

Fairly recently (actually, now that I look, almost two years ago), I switched over to a safety razor, and I've been pretty happy with that.  It still requires two passes, but does a nice job.  I'm not sure, though, how the speed compares to the disposable.  Basically, I do one pass to start (after rinsing with hot water then soaping up) with the grain, then re-rinse and re-soap and do a second pass against the grain (don't go against the grain to start; not good).

That does a good job, except getting just underneath the sides of my jaw; that spot, on each side, is really tough.

For several years, I've been contemplating trying to do it the "right" way, with a brush, and shaving cream, and aftershave.  Well, Bevel has a subscription service that I was contemplating.  Then, the last time Tapjoy did doubling of diamond rewards (for My Singing Monsters) for a weekend (and it was a bit over 1k diamonds to begin with), I finally decided to give it a try.

I got the package a week ago, and was impressed with the packaging and look.  So, yesterday, I gave it a try.  It definitely did a better job on the first pass, as that one was quite close.  However, it wasn't as close as I usually got with two passes, so I did a second pass after the first.  And that worked quite well.

So, the good: you can get a good shave relatively quickly.  Also, I liked the aftershave (lemon flavored, as I recall).

The bad: still not as good as I can do otherwise.  Not especially quicker once you take that second pass into account.

The one complication: I didn't use a new blade, which I probably should have.  I also used my old razor, not theirs, although I can't imagine how that would really matter.  They do suggest shaving more often, though, and that might also affect the calculus (of course, they're not without motive in suggesting shaving more often.  And changing blades more often).

Anyway, mixed feelings, but I'll try it again, at least a couple times.

As for Bevel, I'm not thrilled with the monthly subscription idea, but their execution is quite good.  The packaging is slick, and looks good, and their price isn't bad (much better than, say, The Art of Shaving).  I'll have to see how I feel about it, though.  If it doesn't improve, I might just look into getting more shaving cream and aftershave from, say, Harry's (about whom I keep hearing from various podcasts).

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