Laughing at myself

File this under "first world problems".

I've placed a couple of orders, recently, at Competitive Cyclist.  I'm laughing at myself for two reasons.  One is that their free shipping is UPS Ground (delivery via Post Office, which generally adds a day), and I've gotten used to near-instantaneous delivery from Amazon.  So the wait is annoying me.

The other reasons I'm laughing is that, three days ago, I reviewed a pair of bib shorts, and said they were good, but expensive enough that I wasn't sure I'd ever order another pair.  Right after finishing that review, I noticed that they'd dropped $40.  Then, yesterday, they had a special on those shorts, where they'd throw in a free jersey (a top-of-the-line one, not a cheapie) if you bought them.

Since I'd been thinking about getting that exact jersey, that turned out to be enough to convince me to buy a second pair of the shorts.

So I'm ridiculous, I realize.  Even more ridiculous, I didn't order faster shipping, and I'm anxious enough for my last two orders that I wish I had.  Ah well, now you all can laugh at me as much as (or more than) I'm laughing at myself.

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