I missed most of tonight's game; DVR didn't record, and I have no idea why.  And we went out to dinner.  Got them to put NHL Network on a TV there, so saw a tiny bit of coverage near beginning.  But Caps were down 2-0 by the time we left, and I was definitely not feeling good about things.

Forgot to check on DVR upon arriving home, so when I finally turned it on (after getting kids in bed), there were only a few minutes left, and Caps were up 4-3.  Spent a couple of shifts just playing defense (looked like a PK, except with five men on ice), then OV came on and jump-started offense.  Had a nice shift-and-a-bit in the offensive zone before finally clearing in and missing the glass.

From there, they did a nice job killing off the remaining time.

The biggest news of the game was that Gru was in net; Holtby was apparently too sick to go.  Hope he feels better by Sunday.  But Gru's not bad, and held down the fort well enough, I guess.

The other thing that my twitter feed informed me of is that the Caps were completely dominant through two periods on shot attempts.  No way the game should have been as close as it was, it seems.  I'll need to watch highlights.  Either Isles got some really lucky bounces, or Gru did much worse than I'd expect from him.

Still, the important thing is that they won.  They're still not in a good position, as NY still has home ice advantage for the series, but if the dominant play came as a result of strategic changes, then they're in great shape.  If not, well, at least it doesn't look hopeless.

And remember, Sunday's game is at 1230, and is on NBC (not a fan of Doc, so not thrilled with that, but we're stuck with it).

Oh, and if you're tracking such things, Riley Barber left Miami and signed his ELC.  Looking forward to seeing him in red next year, although he'll be spending most of the year in Hershey, I imagine.

Go Caps! (and if you're not on a ketogenic diet, remember Papa John's code CAPS50 for tomorrow.)

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