Get off your Assos

Just ordered a few jerseys and (summer) base layers from the Assos Factory Outlet yesterday.  Good prices to start with, and found code 'bean10' to knock an additional 10% off.  Very cool.

Shipping from the UK, but says it'll arrive tomorrow, somehow (ordered last night).  Color me skeptical on that (I can't remember if I paid for slightly expedited shipping, but I definitely didn't pay for their fastest shipping.  I have philosophical objections to paying extra for shipping, and almost never do).

Update: Color me both impressed and confused.  Ended up with two orders, placed within minutes of each other.  Put a comment in on the second one to combine them; no luck (tracking numbers were less 100 apart).  Still, one did arrive today, as predicted.  The other seems to've gotten stuck in customs in Newark.

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