Short note on socks

I recently mentioned how much I like my Thorlo hiking socks.  Well, the existence of another high-end sock maker recently became known to me; Darn Tough (I do love that name) makes wool socks that are guaranteed not to wear out.  That guarantee is pretty freaking awesome, so I've been curious to try them since.

Well, over the weekend, I took my daughter to ballet, and wandered over to REI while she was dancing (REI is a few doors down from the dance studio).  While browsing, I ran across Darn Tough socks, and decided to get a pair to try them out.

So, the next morning, I wore them on my bike ride.  The guarantee is nice, but I wasn't thrilled with the comfort of the socks.  The fit was fine, but they're not nearly as soft as my Thorlo's.  Plus, they're 20-30% more expensive (actually, the discounted price I got on that pair was almost 30% more than what I paid for my last purchase of Thorlos).

I might buy a couple more pairs if I find them at a huge discount (that guarantee IS quite nice), but otherwise, I'll stick to my Thorlos.

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