A bit of catch-up

I missed both of the weekend games, after LA did manage to knock of Anaheim.  Man, some serious schadenfreude tweeting of "The Bruce Boudreau Playoff Experience" from that one.

What I missed was the Rangers taking the Habs out behind the shed and spanking the hell out of them.  Price got the worst of that, as he was hurt early in the second (with the Habs already down), and was only able to play through to the end of the period (and he probably shouldn't have tried).  He's out for the rest of the series, so you have to think that the Habs chance of winning has gone from small to microscopic.

The only good thing to be said about it was that, despite the injury coming from a Ranger colliding with Price, there appeared to be no malice or gamesmanship involved.  Kreider, who did the injuring said that he was just trying to score, which is what it looked like.

In the other game, the tired Kings (third game in four) ended up ceding the first to the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final.  Well, that's probably a bit facile; the Blackhawks probably are the better team (though it's very close).  Nevertheless, the Kings need to come back in the series.

Personally, I don't have a favorite in that series, though I did enjoy watching the Kings against the Ducks.

Game two of the Habs and Rangers is tonight; I expect I'll have it on for a while, probably in the background since I expect the beatings to continue.

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