Grudge-dome entered

I wasn't able to watch all of the Habs/Bruins game last night, but did see most of it.  I think I turned it on at the beginning of the second period, and watched through the end of the first overtime (I knew I wasn't going to be able to stay away through the period break).

So I missed Subban's goal to open the scoring, but did see Bourque's goal to extend the lead (he's still dead to me, though).  After that, it felt like the Canadiens kept playing well most of the way through the period, although the Fenwick chart shows that the rest of the game was pretty solidly dominated by the Bruins.

And it certainly felt like the Bruins were dominating for the last five minutes or so of the second, and solidly through the third and initial OT.

And, of course, that OT indicates that the Bruins did come back in the third.  In fact, they scored three, but Montreal did match one of those so that they never fell behind.

Although the Habs did get a couple chances in that OT, they spent most of the period playing defense.

But they got a break thirty seconds or so from the end, as they got a power play.  That didn't win it for them, but gave them some momentum going into the second extra time.  And in the second extra period, they got another break, as they got a second power play four minutes in.  And that did win it for them, as it took only seven seconds for PK to notch his second of the night and give them the lead in the series.

In the end, shots were 51-33, and Fenwick 68-44, so things don't look so good for the Canadiens, going forward.  But they've got a lead now, and have seized home ice advantage, so it's not terrible either.  I'm still calling it in favor of Boston, but it's much narrower, now (and it certainly wouldn't break my heart to be wrong).

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