Who is a gamer?

I was amused, listening to the latest ATP, as they talked about gaming.

Especially the talk about gamers, and having console machines.  They mentioned gamers having consoles.  And I've got several sitting around.

I've got a Turbo Duo (I had a Turbo Grafx as well, but got rid of that a long time ago), a Dreamcast (pissed that I recently went looking for Crazy Taxi for that, and couldn't find it), a Playstation or two (not sure if any of them still work, though), a Playstation II (still gets used occasionally for DDR-related exercise), and a Wii (which I enjoyed for a while, but haven't turned on in several years).

Mostly, I was amused because I do have several around (actually, I'd forgotten a couple of them), but none of mine are even recent, let alone current, and they rarely get turned on.

I did recently turn on the Duo to play around with Bomberman (wanted to see if I could get the Saxophone powerup again).  But other than occasional DDR (and even more occasional Karaoke Revolution games), I don't use any of them anymore.

And none of them really for gaming, per se.

I'm not sure what that says about me, really, but I thought it was interesting.  And I wonder whether that sort of thing is typical.

These days, almost all of the gaming is iOS-based, and mostly games that can be played in very small chunks.

I do have games on my Mac, but those are also very rarely played.  I did, recently, get a couple new games, but I haven't played them either.

I need to do a bit better, somehow, I think.

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