I finally saw the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and I must admit to quite a bit of disappointment.

The original comic books (X-Men 141 & 142) were two of my favorites, and involved Kitty Pryde's mind (she was chosen because she had just joined the X-Men and hadn't yet built up much in the way of mental defenses) being sent back from the future to try to stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (second incarnation: the Mystique-led group) from assassinating a Senator.

Xavier was in DC for some hearings (at which the assassination was to take place, although Prof X knew nothing of that when he went; he was already in Washington when the switch occurred), and had nothing to do with the switch taking place.  And he was not young at that point, so why is the Xavier from X-Men: First Class appearing?

Magneto wasn't even in the story; I think he was down in the Savage Land at the time.

Apparently, there have been a few changes.  I wonder if Destiny (who was the one who was going to fire the shot to kill the Senator) will even appear.  Or Kitty, for that matter.

I was looking forward to seeing this, but now I'm not so sure.  I'm still hopeful, but now thinking the hope is likely to be betrayed.

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