Picking up... well, something...

I haven't heard a whole lot about the shooting in Santa Barbara Friday night, but this follow-up seemed mighty weird to me.

There was a line that I loved in the recent british Sherlock Holmes series, where a policeman called him a psychopath, and he responded, "I'm a highly functioning sociopath, get it straight!"

This article talks about a site that the killer visited (and where he apparently wrote a manifesto decrying the fact that women didn't like him), and another site dedicated to the Pick-up Artist community.

There's just all sorts of weird, there.  The pick-up artists seem like semi-functional sociopaths, and it seems that the shooter (notice that it's always a shooter; it isn't someone using a knife, or anything like that) slipped over that line into being a psychopath.

They're just deeply deluded into thinking that women are just objects, apparently.  Or at least have no more right to get in the way of the pick-up artists than any other object.  Just a very sick mindset.

And then there's the idea that these guys getting laid would prevent shootings.  Oy.  I don't even know where to begin, honestly.  I don't know what gets people to that spot, mentally, but it's definitely sickness.

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