Rangers stretch on Lundqvist's arms

I only watched a little bit of the Rangers/Habs game last night.  I saw a few minutes in the first, when the score was tied at one, and five or ten minutes in the second, during which the Rangers scored their third goal.

During the stretch that I saw, the Habs weren't looking too good; the 3-1 score at the end of the first stretch seemed pretty reasonable, and the Rangers scoring more wouldn't have surprised me.

But it appears that I saw the only bad stretch, and that the Habs played extremely well in both the first and third.  They had a huge edge in Fenwick For%, both overall and 5v5 close.  So what I saw was a bit misleading.

And a friend who watched it tells me that Henrik really had to stand on his head in the first and third periods.

So maybe it isn't as hopeless as the results thus far make it seem, although without Price, it'd have to be considered pretty unlikely, even without having lost the first two games at home.

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