Keeping up

Didn't watch much hockey last night; saw a little bit of the Boston/Montreal game, but the Habs were up 3-0 when I turned it on. I kept it on long enough to see Boston get back within two, but missed the last two goals.

So, Habs... Keep it up, guys.  I'm still not convinced you can do it, but would love to see it.

And I'm glad I didn't stay up to watch any of the Wild/Hawks (that sounds like it should be the name of one team, not two, doesn't it?) game.  Since all the scoring was in the third, I'd've definitely gone to sleep before any goals were scored.

But both home teams won, supporting the notion of home-ice advantage.  And only one had a PP advantage.  And both did it while significantly behind in Fenwick, in all situations, and in 5-on-5 close.  In fact, both were further behind in 5-on-5 close than overall, which is definitely odd (though perhaps the power play discrepancy explains that for Minnesota?).

Anyway, I'm not changing my mind on who's likely to win either of these series, but it's always good to see the underdogs win (well, unless the Caps are favored, of course.  But that doesn't happen often).

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