Steampunk revolution?

I've been listening to a bit of Abney Park the last couple of days, and I'm fairly amused by a few things.  The biggest is that they call it Steampunk music; that makes sense for some things, but I'm not at all sure it does for music.  (And yes, I've never been into it, but I've known of the existence of steampunk since around when Gibson's Difference Engine came out.  And trying to look up the year for that, 1991, has made me aware that I've lost my copies of both that and, more importantly, Neuromancer.  Not cool.)

But mostly I'm amused at their song, Steampunk Revolution.  To be clear, I do like the song, but the video has lots of pictures (and video) of steampunk things people have made.  What I find amusing about that is the combination of saying that they're going back to 1886 and the reliance on modern things.  (Plus, it just hit me that it disses evolution, which theory goes back to the late 1830s.)

What sorts of things?  Primarily transportation infrastructure, but also availability of highly precise, machined parts and of modern materials (especially different kinds of fabric, but it would also encompass how much better made even the metals are than back "in the day").

Regardless, enjoy the music.

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