Ranger Danger

I didn't turn on the Penguins/Rangers game, last night, until the second intermission.  They showed the shot totals, and it certainly appeared that the Rangers were lucky to be ahead 2-1.

Well, the third period looked like the Caps under Hunter (certainly some irony there); play defense, play defense, play defense.

I really didn't think they could do it, and they sure gave the Pens some chances.  But somehow, they held on for the win.

Considering their records against each team, no doubt that they're hoping the Habs win their game seven.  We'll see.

I also watched a chunk of the Hawks/Wild game last night, although it was tied for the entire stretch that I saw.  It certainly looked like the Wild were overmatched, and that's how it ended up (well after I was asleep).  Kane got the series-winning goal for the Hawks.

I'd definitely pick the Hawks to win over the Ducks, although I'm less sure about versus the Kings.  I guess we'll have to wait and see if the Kings can come back from a pair of elimination games.  Even though I think they're the better team, I don't like their odds.

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