Amusement parks

I haven't been around in several days; we took the family down to Williamsburg, to spend the weekend at a resort, and visit Busch Gardens (the kids are much too young for Colonial Williamsburg).

We had a really good time, overall.  The resort was great (well, it did kind of fall apart when we went to lunch just before leaving); they gave us a tour of the facilities when we arrived, the food was excellent, we spent a lot of time at the pool.

It was quite a change of pace for us.  And there was the amusement of being on the shuttle one time (we got a lot of use out of the shuttles) of having a woman talk about it being much more relaxed than Northern Virginia.  No surprise there, except that a sentence or two later, it came out that she was referring to the Richmond area as "Northern Virginia".  That was very funny; Richmond is at least an hour south of anything I would call Northern Virginia.

And our time at Busch Gardens was a lot of fun.  A lot of time spent in lines, alas (yes, no surprise there), but the kids had a blast.  I wish we'd had a chance to try a bit more of the food there, but that was the only disappointment.

Watching the kids on the bumper cars was hilarious; most of them didn't have any idea what they were doing.  I was glad both of ours showed at least an inkling.

The only downside was that I didn't get to watch any hockey, or to see the UEFA Cup final (though I did see a bit of highlights that night on TV that seemed to indicated that Real had won).  No huge losses there, but it would have been cool.

Anyway, beautiful scenery, good food and some relaxation was nice.  We should definitely do something like that more often.  And next time we go to an amusement park, we'll probably pay the extra fees for shorter lines.

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