Game of Skins

One thing that's funny about preorders is that you sometimes forget about ordering something until it arrives.  I ordered Butcher's latest Dresden novel, Skin Game, about six months ago, and it arrived over the weekend.  Thank goodness no one took it from the doorstep, because I'd've never known.

Anyway, I'm putting it off for a few more days, because I just started Riordan's latest Olympians (House of Hades).  When that one arrived, I put it off to reread the first three books of the series, and the third one took quite a while to finish.  Anyway, Skin Game arriving reminded me I was still in the middle of those, so I finished it yesterday and started on House of Hades.  I imagine I'll finish both books by the end of the week (although my sleep schedule will not thank me for it).

One other thing that's been percolating for a while.  I think the local football team, the Redskins, is probably going to change their name within a year or two.  There's just too much pressure, and I think the financial incentives will finally outweigh the inertia on that one soon.

I did want to mention one thing about that, and I wonder how wide-spread that is.  And that is the offensiveness of the word.  I'm not going to argue about its usage that makes Native Americans upset; what happened certainly happened, and I respect that.

But it's hard for me to work up much outrage about it, for the simple reason that I've never heard the word used except to refer to the team or to potatos.

Regardless, it will be a good thing when it's gone, and the sooner the better.

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