Hawks fight back

I wasn't able to watch all of last night's game; I turned it on about eight minutes in, when LA was already down by a pair (both from defensemen; go figure).  But I watched them claw back, scoring one only a few minutes later, giving up another a minute and a half later, then getting a second of their own two minutes after that.

The second period was pretty much all kings, and they took the lead after scoring two more (Brown shoveled it home in a mad scramble in front of the net, then Pearson grabbed the puck in the neutral zone, skated over the line, and wristed it over Crawford's shoulder).

At that point, I was pretty tired, and went to sleep.  Glad I did, too, because Chicago managed to tie it up early in the third, then win it in double overtime.

Now Chicago needs to do it again, on the road.  I don't like their odds, but we'll need to wait until tomorrow night to see what happens.

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